What kind of services does 2L'FX International offer ?

2L’FX International offers services in two main fields:

1- Consultancy services to European firms and Chinese organizations

2- Professional and intercultural Training

1. Consultancy

To European firms

We will accompany you, before, during and after your project, for your establishment and management in China, through punctual missions ou regular contractual collaboration according to your company’s particular needs.

We provide you with following services :

  • Carrying out of market research and feasibility studies.
  • Definition of commercial strategies specific to the Asian market.
  • Provision of cultural, legal and commercial advice concerning China.
  • Creating your subsidiary (WOFE), representative office or JV in China
  • Prospecting of potential Chinese business-partners and clients.
  • Accompanying you for any establishment and investment(ROI) in China.
  • Participation in negotiations, commercialization, and the monitoring of current and joint-venture contracts.
  • Organization of professional meetings in China and Europe.
  • Providing services for exporters (trademark and patent registering, written or oral translation for meetings as well as technical and commercial documents).

To Chinese firms/organization

We share with you our Chinese culture background, and our trilingual skills and experience.

We would like to offer you following services :

  • Representation of Chinese companies’ Office in Europe.
  • Provision of cultural, legal and commercial advice concerning French and European markets.
  • Carrying out of market research and investment feasibility studies.
  • Prospecting of potential French and European business-partners.
  • Offering agent and sales services: exclusive agency for the introduction of your products and brand in Europe.
  • Translation of your company’s profile and product sheets in English and French.
  • Organization of professional meetings and participation to various international exhibitions.
  • Promotion of trade and cultural exchange between China and Europe.


2. Professional and intercultural training

We are also a training organization, registered under the number 11 75 48113 75 to Préfet de région d'Ile-de-France. This registration does not constitute approval of the State.

We will guide you with different professional and intercultural trainings aiming to help you to better understand chinese market and to make your business successful.

  • "Strategy and Communications in China" ("Strategy in international development and negociations with Chinese partners") ;
  • "Introduction to Chinese language and to Chinese thinking"
  • "The Art of War and the business world in China"
  • "Understand China to better make your business successful"
  • "How to negociate and cooperate with Chinese partners"
  • "Go and live in China peacefully"